Self Attitudinal Development (10-Sessions)

SHINE offers a unique, highly effective 10-session package.
These sessions are conducted at the rate of 2 sessions per week. Each session will be of 4 hours duration.
At the end of the training, eligible participants will be awarded Certificates.
The participants would be meeting once a month, even after training to reinforce the impact of the training.
The participants will develop success conducive positive attitudes beyond doubt.
They will become more enthusiastic, their confidence level will leap and will be trained to overcome tension and worry habits.
They start working to their real potential.
The package is Designed, Structured and Conducted based on the principles of Dale Carnegie, Stephen Covey, vastly improved on the basis of Scriptual Inputs.
It has transformed the life of thousands of participants from Liabilities to Assets, History Readers to History Makers, from Numbers to Institutions.