Training Structure

The Personality Development training has ten sessions each of 4 hours duration. The sessions are conducted at the rate of 2 sessions per week for 5 weeks. The main topics covered in the 10 sessions are briefly listed below :

Session 1 :

  • Role of Attitude for Success. Power of Positive Thinking
  • Introduction of Attitudinal Skills-Effective Communication, Memory, HR Skills.
  • How to remember names and forms.
  • Participants introduce themselves.
  • Goal Setting-Personal, Professional and Social goals

Session 2 :

  • Talk on incident in life, which had maximum impact.
  • Training of pegging memory technique:I stage.
  • Feedback as practice of HR Card No.1 :
    How to make people like you.
  • Pranayama Practice and Meditation Practice

Session 3 :

  • Practice of talk to inform - use of Visual Aids.
  • Training of Pegging Memory Technique :
    II Stage.
  • Feedback of practice of HR case No.2 :
    How to make people think in your way.
  • Practice of Self Introspection

Session 4 :

  • Practice of Talk to Convince.
  • Training of Pegging Memory technique :
    III Stage.
  • Training in Group Discussions.
  • Practice of HR Card No.3 :
    Ways to bring around people without giving offence.

Session 5 :

  • How to get over hatred and bitter feelings.
  • Practice of stacking memory techniques.
  • Feedback of group discussion by leaders and members.
  • Practice of HR Card No 4 :
    Ways to analyze worry.

Session 6 :

  • Development of ability to think on feet.
  • Impromptu speaking practice.
  • How to develop control over mind.
  • Practice of HR Card No.5 :
    How to overcome tensions and break worry habits.

Session 7 :

  • Development of creativity - ability to fantasize.
  • Overcoming shame and fear.
  • Practice of HR Card No.6 :
    Ways to peace and happiness.
  • Further improvement in Memory.

Session 8 :

  • Training to introduce subject and speakers.
  • Use of body language in effective communication.
  • How to improve efficiency in work without becoming tired.
  • Practice of HR Card No.7 :
    Ways to face criticism and grow strong.

Session 9 :

  • How to communicate to get action.
  • Building up of energy, avoiding dissipation abd channelising.
  • Ability to work for team success.

Session 10 :

  • Speech of acknowledgement and acceptance.
  • Real leadership Qualities.
  • LIVING the values.

In all the sessions the participants are trained to control their mind, Practice Pranayama, Meditation and Self Introspection